Website Colors That Matter

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In this modern age of technology, where everything and everyone goes digital, it is important for thriving businesses to have a suitable website. A website creates a representation of the company online. Therefore, it is highly critical to create an impression that will generate positive responses among its visitors.

An excellent website is capable of making a huge impact. It should get people’s attention and encourage them to visit the pages and scan the content. And it all starts with the right colour scheme. The objective of any website is to attract people (traffic), win their interest, and encourage them to come back. How can you make this happen?

Keep in mind that your website can have the most interesting content and substantial information in the world; yet it will not receive enough action from its visitors if it is not well-presented. The attention span of online customers, when it comes to websites, is only about 6 seconds. Therefore, you only have that limited time to convince your visitors to stay and see what you have to offer.

Choosing a colour scheme is a challenging task. You have to know your business, target market, and audience very well. It helps to check out the psychology of colors and apply them to your business website. For example, if your objective is to generate sales, red is the most attractive colour to indicate sale items and clearance sales. Red also commands attention, and is associated with urgency, which could result in more sales.  Leg Up website design takes all of these factors and more into consideration when designing a website for your business.

In general, pastel colors like pink and light blue, target the practical and smart shoppers, while red and black target the impulsive shoppers. Grey, brown, and other dull, earthly colors will not work very well with a female audience. Just the same, purple and orange are not very appealing to many males.

The best colors that will most likely hold the attention of females are pink and black, red, teal, powder blue and green. For the male audience, navy blue is always a good choice. Pink is referred to as the most gender-specific colour. Using it to design a website will most likely draw only a female or “feminine” audience. Thus, it is the best colour for any business that exclusively caters to the female market. Other shades like blue, green, grey, red, and black are considered as “general”, making them ideal for mixed-markets.

Corporate websites should choose colors that best represent their company image and business. For instance, the colors black, white, and grey are often associated with an authoritative, stately, and business-like image. Shades of red exude sophistication, extravagance, and grandeur. Green is associated with nature, tranquility, and wellness. Purple stands for royalty, knowledge, and respect. And yellow and orange generate positive thinking and happy thoughts.

With reference to the psychology of colors, it makes perfect sense to use green for businesses that promote health and nature, red and black for selling items, black and grey to express authority and formality, and purple to impart wisdom.

Basically, there is a wide variety of colour schemes and combinations to choose from. They can create the perfect “feel” and impact to attract web visitors, and generate more traffic to your business website. The main idea is to carefully select a color scheme that will best represent your business, based on your products and services, target market, company image, and objectives.