How to Improve Customer Interactions

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Interacting with a client, or customer is perhaps one of the most important tasks one has to undergo for an online business to become successful. With that importance comes difficulty, as there are always several things that may lead a client to part ways and choose another company’s service over yours.

Below are several tips and tricks you’ll find beneficial, in regards to improving your customer interactions.

Lack Of Tone

Online businesses are becoming more and more successful, as technology improves daily. The perks and privileges that online communication provides ensures that talking to a client is efficient and helpful.

Unfortunately, due to their very nature of being online businesses, communication often lacks tone and can be misinterpreted, when conducted through a text chat.

At times, customer service reps may believe that their tone is polite and friendly, yet what is received is a rude and obnoxious statement. Overall, compensating for a lack of tone can be made better by emphasizing what you want to get across, with an increase in adjectives and longer, carefully drawn out sentences.

Customer Complaints

Perhaps one of the most common tasks a customer service representative has to deal with is customer complaints. In terms of improving client interactions, prioritizing here would be extremely beneficial. For one, many customers may have the same complaint, as something on a website may confuse them. Or perhaps part of the site is malfunctioning.

In this situation, there are two major ideas to keep in mind. The first is to obviously take note of the problem and fix it, therefore reducing the amount of complaints you get.

The second idea is to not get frustrated. It may be an easy trap to fall into, but keeping your cool and respectfully resolving a problem is an instant way to improve client interactions, as a whole. A lot of people believe that a business is only as good as its customer service.

Pay Attention

One of the things that clients hate most is not being taken seriously, or being ignored completely. Obviously, customer service representatives have a lot of messages flying at them, but once again, there is almost nothing more important than managing complaints respectfully, and to the best of your ability.

To do this, make sure you don’t take on too much work. You need to manage what you can. Think of it like people going through a doorway. In this case, you’re the door, and the customers are the people.

You may be able to hand two, or even three people at a time, but when it gets up to four or five? They’ll get stuck in the doorway. Their problems won’t be solved.


Overall, customer interactions are simply made better by being proactive, rather than reactive. A client likes instant fixes, and if you’re prepared for those fixes, you’ll be on top of the world, interaction-wise. It’s all about making life easier for those using your services.