6 Items to Always Include on a Website

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After days, weeks, and months of hard work and dedication, your website is finally ready and you are so excited. Building a website is something to be excited about, but regardless of how different it is from others, they all have a common checklist to follow.

There are various elements that every website should have to allow users to use it with ease. If you are planning to design a website, and are not sure of what to consider, don’t worry. Here are 5 vital items you must have on your website for it to function properly.

1. Space

Space is an important thing to consider when designing a website, as it dictates everything from readability to flow. Some of the designs to consider are ones with open space. Having a website with a lot of clutter is not very attractive, nor does it provide ease of use if the site takes too long to load.

Space should not always be white, as it could also be filled with some text or a background color. All you need is consistency, where you can make sure that the spacing is utilized in the right way.

2. About Us Page

It is equally important for every website to have an “About Us” page, which tells the users who you are and what you do. This page can highlight your goals, philosophies, or how the site was established.

The “About Us” page could be a gateway to social media profiles, where users can connect and give testimonials and reviews. This helps new customers to learn more about the website and its intended purposes. This page should be simple and precise, with an interesting design.  You can ask Leg Up Web Design for more tips for your website.

3. Contact Information

Contact information can appear in the main navigation/header, or a “Contact Us” page with expanded information. Either way, it must be visible, with a physical address and phone number to contact the owner of the website, should any need arise.

It could be frustrating for users who may want to reach you, but they can’t. For effectiveness, include a contact form for users to send a direct email from the website.

4. Great Images

Users will have a good first impression of your website, depending on what they see. Therefore, create eye-catching visuals to keep users on your website. Photographs can tell more about your site and its intended purposes. You can opt for custom images over stock images, and your website will look stunning with a unique visual experience.

5. Navigation

Navigation should be simple, easy to use and identify, and not complicated. Ensure that the navigation menus you choose for your website are at a minimum, as this ensures that your users are not overwhelmed. It is recommendable to use five to ten menu navigation items, but this depends on the type of your site.

Navigation items help users to navigate through your website. For instance, websites with parallax scrolling usually have directional arrows that make the sites friendly to users. Users want simple websites, and the easier it is for them to navigate throughout the site, the more they will interact with it.

The navigation should be at the top of the page and you should consider including a search box for users to find what they are looking for with ease.


There are many vital items to have on your website for it to function properly, but the five above items can make a real difference. Given that the website you intend to design will be used by others, make it simple and precise.

Elements like the ones above could either make or break your website and therefore, you should take as much time as possible and create a unique website that everyone will love.