7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire

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If you are looking to hire a web designer to design your website for you, you will want the best person for the job, of course. But how do you know if your potentially new web designer will be able to come up with fresh designs that you would love?

Sure, having a look at their portfolio works to a certain extent, but would they be able to adapt to your unique project needs? Here is a look at 7 important questions that you need to ask a web designer before you hire them to design your website. This will ensure that your project runs smooth, and you get the results you are looking for.

1. What Websites Have They Designed Recently?

Having a look at their previous work will give you an overview of what you are in for, and a glimpse of their expertise in this area. It will tell you if they can do the work you would be assigning to them.

2. What Web Standards Do They Follow?

It is important that your web designer is up to date with the latest web development standards. You will want mobile responsiveness with your website theme, for instance, so that it runs as great on smartphones as it does on computers.

Two of every three minutes spent online is through mobile use. A large percentage of companies, who made their websites mobile friendly, found an increase in their sales.

Following the latest web standards would also ensure that there are no hiccups while your website loads on different browsers.

3. Will They Use Custom Designs Or Templates That Already Exist?

If you are looking for an element of uniqueness on your website, you need to go for custom designs. The latter may cost much less in terms of pricing, but you wouldn’t want that if you are looking to carve out your own brand name.

Most people who visit websites prefer to read and admire something that is beautifully designed, instead of spending time on something that is plain and boring.

4. Will They Be Able To Fulfill Your Requirements?

Before you embark on a mission to develop a stunning website, it is important to have a blueprint in mind. Give your designer a rough idea of exactly how you want your website to look, and how you want people to navigate through it.  For more information contact Leg Up Web Design Ireland.

5. How Much Will They Charge?

It is important to clear up how much it will cost to design your website. Make sure that the designer you choose offers their services within the budget you have set aside, and that there will be no hidden costs.

6. Is There Room For Expansion?

As a website owner who wants to stay ahead of the competition, you will need to update your products and services from time to time. Inquire about any additional costs that the designer may add on, and the possibility of adding new features to your website as the time passes.

7. Where Can They Attain Good Quality Images For Your Website?

Most web designers have a thorough knowledge of platforms where you can use images for free, or buy them by paying royalty fees. Ask your designer if they can help you find suitable images for your website, especially with the web pages and blog posts that they may be designing.


Make sure to make a list of all the questions you want to ask your new web designer before you start. That way, you can make sure that there are no unnecessary delays with your project.