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Website Grants

You Pay as Little as 10% of the cost of Web Design

What Grants are Available in Ireland?

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic there are now 2 types of government grant schemes available in Ireland offering help with up to 90% of the cost of getting a business trading online.

90% Online Trading Vouchers

In response to Covid 19 the qualification criterea for online trading vouchers have been relaxed and second applications are permitted where 'upgrades are required'.

Web Design Grant up to €2,500

Up to €2,500 of a grant is avilable to succesful applicants through the Trading Online Voucher operated by the Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland.

Pay as little as 10% of the website

Previously the business owner was required to pay 50% of the costs. This has now been reduced to just 10% - as little as €250 for your new website.

Companies with 10 or less employees

This grant is avaiable to companies with 10 or less employees, turnover less than €2 million and limited or no eCommerce presence in business for more than 6 months.

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Grant up to €40,000

Successful applicants will be awarded funding to support a maximum of 80% of the project eligible costs with a maximum grant of €40,000.

Companies with 10 + employees

The purpose of this fund is to enable Irish-owned retailers to enhance their digital capability and to develop a more competitive online offer.

Minimum budget of €12,500

Typical elements involved in developing a sophisticated and transactional online presence include research, consultancy costs for strategy development, implementation and training.

80% Online Retail Scheme

Enterprise Ireland's Online Retail Scheme has €2 million in funding to help retail companies grow their online transactions.

Pay as little as 10%
of the cost of
Web Design

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