Leg Up Web Design& Digital Marketing services is a web design agency based in Dublin, Ireland.

We offer online marketing solutions that compliment professional Web Design.

Email Marketing, SEO/SEM, Local Search, Content Strategy, Adwords Management, Google Maps, and Social Media Marketing.

Digital Marketing Services

With more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing (both conventional and digital marketing) we have the ability to offer you cost effective online marketing solutions.

As a small business owner I know what it is like to work with a limited budget and appreciate the importance of getting a return on your marketing spend.

We have assembled a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic web designers and digital marketing professionals who just love their work.

Our Programmers, Web Designers and Digital Marketing Experts know what it takes to design and build a website that not only looks good, but importantly gets results.



Email Marketing

Local Search

Content Strategy

Analytics & Audit

Social Media

Google Maps

Make sure customers find you first, NOT your competitors.

We are experienced in helping clients in a wide range of businesses reach prominent positions within their respective industries through high ranking search engine results.


We will build your site so that it is optimised for higher rankings and together with ongoing efforts we can increase your website traffic.

Once your site is live you may be considering Google Adwords, Re-targeting or other methods to boost your sites popularity.

It’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), not Google Optimisation.Yelp is a search engine. Facebook is a search engine. Twitter is a search engine. Amazon, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube – all search engines of one type or another.

So it’s no longer just about optimising your website for Google. It’s about optimising your presence across the web.By understanding who your target audience is and where they are spending their time online, we can target those platforms and build an organic presence.

Already have a website? We can work with you to improve your rankings.

Pay Per Click Adwords

AdWords is based around PPC advertising. So, what is PPC? Pay-Per-Cick advertising (PPC), is a way of marketing your business online. It’s most popular on search engines.

When you use Google, the top results are often paid for ads. Adwords management can be a daunting project, but one that is very worthwhile if done right.

Thankfully, you can count on a PPC agency in Dublin like ourselves to help make your business seen by the ideal customer base.

As a Google AdWords agency we have experts on board who know the Google AdWords Platform inside out and take the time to do the research and set up an effective campaign for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very cost effective method of reaching your customers. If managed correctly this can be a wonderful opportunity to engage with your clients and track your return on investment.

By using email you can efficiently communicate pertinent information or notify customers of upcoming offers and promotions or simply help keep you in mind. Email remains an immensely credible and profitable channel, with immense reach and can be accurately tracked allowing valuable data feedback.

An email marketing campaign should be part of your overall marketing strategy and we are happy to help.

Local Search Marketing

The potential to attract new customers using local search marketing is huge, especially with so many people now using mobile.

Internet users are no longer required to include any city or geographic terms in their search query to be shown results that are close to their location.

Lets work together to see what key areas need attention and which ones will yield the best outcome.

Then we can determine what we need to be doing to start ranking better than your competitors.

Content Strategy

Good content, when created according to a defined content strategy, is the cornerstone of every effective digital marketing campaign.

Good writing, quality images, and other types of relevant information help visitors engage with your site, thus instilling confidence in your brand and can help build trust.

Are you writing in a manner in which your audience can easily understand? Is the site well laid out? Can the users easily find what they are looking for?

Building meaningful relationships with customers and clients should not be just an option, but a requirement.

By creating easily intelligible content, on a well-planned site you just might keep your site visitors around long enough to impress them sufficiently and subsequently convert them into customers.

Web Analytics & Audit

Reporting should be a key part of your digital strategy. It illuminates where your site and online marketing campaigns are and are not performing.

Our detailed analytics audit service is designed to give you confidence in your data. We will ensure reporting is aligned around your business objectives and provides the support you need to make informed decisions on your digital strategy.

We can provide reports that are easy to understand and advise on what can be implemented to improve your business.

We can help you answer the important questions about your online performance and advise what needs to be done in order to improve search engine visibility and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

With so many people of all ages using social media of one type or another the importance of social media to web marketing can’t be underestimated.

But where to start? Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest? How often? Should I consider paid advertising?

There are so many options and not every one is going to be the right fit for your business.Choosing the correct social platform for your business is paramount to the campaigns success as there are many to choose from and not all work for each and every business.

Online “word-of-mouth” can drive exponential traffic growth and result in large volumes of shares.We can expertly manage your budget across various social media channels that are relevant to your business goals and most importantly relevant to your potential customers.

Google Maps Experts

Getting business through local search uses SEO or search engine optimization. This is the process of figuring out the best way for your website to appear first in search results.

Being first means you will get maximum exposure, and in turn, be seen more often than other businesses. One way to achieve this is through the use of Google My Business.

Since rules are changing constantly, this isn’t something that is easy to do, given that there are only 3 Google Maps places available (rather than the 7 that used to be up) but it isn’t impossible.

There are ways to keep on top of these things, or you can hire a professional to do the work for you.

Our approach – How we work for you.

1 Firstly we will gain an understanding of your business and it's goals together with your current online position within your industry. We will listen to you and also run an audit to determine both your current SERP and assess the competition. Having completed this first stage we will put a proposal to you. We use "White Hat" methods only and none of our clients have suffered from Google penalties.

2 Having agreed your online marketing plan we will start to implement the agreed objectives and provide monthly reports (both email and verbally) detailing the progress. In addition we will amend and improve the plan where necessary to maximise your return. We are always happy to provide the good news to clients and show them the progress we are making on their behalf.

3 We will be completely honest with you - we are experienced enough with detailed analytical reporting to see what is working and what is not. We can provide you with easy to understand reports and suggestions as to where we can do more. Depending on your industry, reaching Google page 1 can be tough going but we almost always get there - sometimes it just takes a little longer.