5 Best Tips to Creative Web Design

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In an increasingly digital world, it is becoming important for businesses to have an online presence. Whether it is a small mom and pop store or an individual offering consulting services, having a beautiful website to represent you is much more important than having a nice business card nowadays. There are many tools that offer easy push-button web design with templates crafted by professionals, but what does it really take to be creative and effective in designing websites? Here are some of the best tips that can help you get started.

Be inspired by other websites. One way to become the best is to look at how best to do it. If you are moderate to the heavy internet user, chances are you go to a variety of websites and have a good feel for what you like or don’t like. You can start the process of creating web design by looking at other websites that look great and feel great, in terms of both aesthetic and user experience design. Take note of the elements that stand out so that you’ll have a list to draw from once you are creating your own website design.

Use proper visual language. A website needs to convey the right messaging. This means not only an amazing copy but appropriate visuals that make your creative web design look great while also telling users what the website is about. Consider highlighting the best parts of your product or service, and use pictures that are directly related to these good features. For instance, an e-commerce web store that sells furniture would likely show happy families enjoying their products in their lawn or living room.

Create visible and accessible navigation tools. It is important for websites to be easy to navigate. Creative web design that has menus and buttons in all the right places typically enjoy higher user retention and lower bounce rates, meaning your potential customers are staying on your website longer, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchasing decision or at least an inquiry.

Use light load animations. While responsiveness is a key feature of great web design and user experience, animations can make a website livelier and more engaging. Consider using animations especially when your website builder allows it, because turnkey web design solutions usually understand the importance of reducing a website’s server load — some of them have a server hosting bundled in, so they care about your creative web design being light and responsive.

Implement parallax scrolling. Ever scroll down a website and notice that the elements move beautifully, sometimes transforming or triggering animations? These are properties of parallax scrolling, which make browsing a website fun and memorable, while also allowing you to put more information on a single landing page without it looking too crowded. Parallax scrolling is also often used to tell a story, with graphics and animations creating a compelling narrative as the user scrolls down a web page. If you have a story to tell, parallax scrolling is something to think about.

There are many other ways to be creative when making an amazing website. However, web design template providers can only do so much. Professional web design experts armed with expertise in developing websites from scratch have much more in their arsenal, capable of web design techniques and features that you can only imagine but have difficulty implementing. If you want your brilliant creative ideas to come to life, contact us at Leg Up Web Design and we’ll help you create the beautiful website you’ve always wanted for your business.